We at K Leisure want to make sure that our children are protected and kept safe from harm while they are in the care of the staff and volunteers in our facilities.

We do this by:

  • Giving parents, children and employees information about what we do and what to expect from us.
  • Making sure that our staff and volunteers are carefully selected, garda vetted, trained and supervised.
  • Letting parents and children know how to voice their concerns and register a complaint if there is anything or any person that they are concerned about.

Safe Practices for K Leisure Staff and Children

Know the Children

        • Have defined criteria for membership and usage of K Leisure facilities.
        • Have a registration system for each child.
        • Keep a record on each child, including medical details, any special needs and emergency contact telephone numbers in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Keep Records of:

        • Attendance.
        • Accidents – keep an accident/incident book so that all events may be logged. The accident records should be reviewed regularly and any unusual patterns reported to senior management.
        • Consents given for various activities.
        • Any complaints or grievances.

Know all Staff Members and Contracted Instructors

        • Follow through fully on recruitment and selection procedures.
        • Have a work schedule displayed so that everyone knows who is on duty.
        • Respond to any allegations or complaints made about employees or contracted staff.
        • Make sure there are always sufficient staff of either sex to supervise activities.

Standard Reporting Procedure for Allegation or Suspicion of Abuse in relation to the 4 defined categories of abuse namely; Neglect, Emotional, Physical and Sexual.

Children First: National Guidelines for the Protection & Welfare of Children, Department of Health & Children 1999 recommend that the following procedure is followed where reasonable grounds exist for the reporting of suspected or actual child abuse.

        • A report should be made to the Health Services Executive (HSE) in person, telephone or in writing. Reports may be made to the Child Care Manager or directly to the social worker. The HSE has a social worker on duty for a certain number of hours each day. The duty social worker is available to meet with, or talk on the telephone, to persons wishing to report child protection concerns.
        • It is generally most helpful if persons wishing to report child abuse concerns make personal contact with the duty social worker. This will facilitate the social worker in gathering as much information as possible about the child’s situation. If a third person, such as a child protection officer makes the report, it is likely that the social worker will wish to speak to the person who first witnessed the incident, received the disclosure, or felt the concern.
        • In the event of an emergency, or the non-availability of HSE staff, the report should be made to An Garda Siochana. This may be done at any Garda station.

Under no circumstances should a young person be left in a dangerous situation pending the intervention of the HSE or An Garda Siochana.

Contact numbers for the HSE and Garda Siochana:

HSE information Line:
1850 24 1850
Kildare/West Wicklow Child Protection Social Work Services:
045 882400
Naas Garda Station:
045 884300
Athy Garda Station:
059 8631669