This admission policy conforms to the recommendations outlined in the publication “Swimming Pool Safety Guidelines” produced jointly by Irish Water Safety, ILAM and Swim Ireland.

In Ireland, a child is legally defined as being a person under 18 years. As such only children aged 16 years and over will be admitted to our gyms subject to having undergone an assessment with one of our fitness instructors who will issue an appropriate fitness programme tailored to each individual.

Swimming Pool Admission Policy

Non-Programmed Activities:

Lifeguards cannot and should not be expected to replace the care and supervision of a parent or guardian. Research into drowning in Ireland has identified that children under 8 years are most at risk.

  • A child aged 5 years or younger must be accompanied in the water by a parent or responsible adult at all times.
  • A Child aged 10 years or younger will only be admitted to the swimming pool when accompanied by a parent or responsible adult who must remain in view of the child at all times.
  • Children aged 11 years and over will be admitted unaccompanied.
  • A responsible adult is defined as a person aged 18 years or over who is regarded as being competent to supervise a child.
  • Any child who appears to be under 10 years and unaccompanied will be asked to identify the person who is the parent or guardian. In an event where the child fails to identify such a person, the child will be removed from the water and will remain under the supervision of our staff until a parent or guardian is identified. Failure to identify a parent or guardian will result in the relevant authorities of the state being contacted as a matter of urgency.

Programmed Activities:

  • Children will only be admitted to structured activities subject to parental or guardianship signed approval.
  • The parent or guardian of a child attending any of our programmed activities must inform our staff of any illness, special requirements or medical needs that may apply to each child.
  • A parent or guardian must provide supervision for any child attending programmed activities until such time that our trained staff members assume responsibility.

K Leisure operates a safety policy where our pools are under the constant supervision of highly trained lifeguards. The ratios of lifeguards to pool users are determined by the risk assessments carried out in relation to the different activities that take place in our facilities.