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For new entrants to the swim academy, selecting the correct level of class is important. To assist this process every child has the opportunity to be assessed by a K Leisure staff member.

  • A short water based assessment can be arranged at reception
  • The assessment is free of charge
  • Parents will be advised of the booking period for the next upcoming course of lessons
  • Lessons are booked and pre-paid in advance once a place has been secured

Priority rebooking exists for children who are enrolled in the current term

As a valued member of the K Leisure Swim Academy we are committed to ensuring that you have the opportunity to secure your child’s place in the next term of swimming lessons.

You automatically have the opportunity to rebook the next course of lessons two weeks prior to the completion of each term. On the second last week of each term you will be informed what level your child should continue their swimming lessons at for the next term – this will be posted on the swim academy notice board. Rebooking is based on a first come first served basis for children in the current term. Change of days, times cannot be guaranteed.

If you have not enrolled your child during the re registration week, your child’s place will be made available to our waiting list. A booking will only be accepted with full payment. Any missed lessons cannot be made up or refunded. A credit note may be issued only if supported by a doctor’s cert.

Intensive Swimming Programme

We run short intensive swimming lessons during the school holidays. Information on courses are posted on our web site and the swim academy notice board.

Private Lessons

Personal coaching sessions are also available for both adults and children. For more information please ask one of our customer care team.

Telephone: Naas 045 881655 or Athy 059 8641522

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  • Please ensure your child attends every lesson.
  • Please allow enough time to ensure your child is on time for the start of each lesson.
  • Swim hat and appropriate swimwear must be worn, goggles are advisable.
  • The safety of the child is your responsibility until handover to the swim teacher.
  • Please ensure your child visits the bathroom before the start of a class.
  • Inform K Leisure of any health concerns pertaining to your child at registration. If there are any changes to your child’s health please inform the swimming coordinator of the change.
  • Please do not go onto the pool deck unless requested by a swim teacher.
  • Please remain seated in either the coffee dock area or the spectator area of the facility during lessons, don’t distract your child or speak with the swim teacher during lessons
  • All parents and guardians are requested not to sit on the window side of the pool deck during lessons– the spectator area/ co¬ffee dock is the only suitable area during lessons
  • Food and drinks may not be brought into the pool hall
  • Video or photography is not permitted in the pool area including mobile phones
  • Please help improve the experience for all parents – please remove clothes from changing cubicles while lessons are on and use the lockers provided or bring them to the spectator area.
  • Parents must supervise children who are not participating in swim lessons
  • At the end of lessons children must leave the pool immediately
  • Encourage your child to practice their swimming between lessons


  • Use the pre cleanse showers and the toilet before the lesson starts
  • Listen to your teacher and follow their instructions at all times
  • At the end of lessons please leave the pool immediately
  • Don’t forget to practice!


  • Children progress at different rates
  • Progression through levels may take a number of terms