Swim Academy Level 4 Penguin 01

Breathing, which is one of the most difficult skills in swimming, is now incorporated to a greater degree. Unilateral breathing is taught alongside good body position. Threading water is also introduced.

  • Using an aid, tread water using a cycling kicking action and a breaststroke type leg action for 20 seconds
  • Demonstrate a handstand from the bottom of the pool
  • Demonstrate a sitting dive and glide
  • From a floating position swim through submerged hoop
  • Push and glide on front and back holding glide for 2 metres
  • Swim 5 metres freestyle breathing to the side
  • Swim 5 metres backstroke tummy up
  • Swim 5 metres froggy arms
  • Kick on front and back with board for 10 metres

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